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3CX Version 16

Just as New Zealand was signing off for the Summer Holidays, 3CX released Alpha 2 for the much-anticipated version 16 – please remember this is a beta version and should only be installed for evaluation purposes and not on production systems, the Alpha releases cannot be upgraded to or restored via backup and is not covered by support. 3CX are yet to announce when version 16 will officially launch but we do believe it is imminent – there is a host of new features.

Live Chat the 3CX Way

Imagine opening a window to your web site’s visitors so that they can simply talk to you. The new “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin for WordPress transforms your imagination into reality, integrating your web site’s live chat function with 3CX v16. Read on to discover the “3CX Live Chat and Talk” plugin’s exciting features:

  • Super-easy – site visitors can chat, talk and meet with you literally at the click of a button.
  • Free for you and your visitors – with no subscriptions or additional charges, the plugin works like an international toll-free number, no matter where your visitors are coming from.

Share your Webinars on your Website

Bridge the distance between you and your website visitors with the new 3CX Webinars plugin for WordPress and provide live webinars via WebMeeting on your 3CX PBX. Keep reading for the new 3CX Webinars plugin’s features:

  • Easy subscriptions – site visitors can view the webinar lists and subscribe using just their name and email to receive the webinar link.
  • Simple access – subscribers connect to webinars from their browser via WebRTC, without the need to install additional applications, drivers or controls.
  • Free to use – no subscriptions or additional charges, as the plugin connects your website visitors to webinars created on your 3CX v16 PBX Pro.
  • Feature rich – attract your website visitors with the WebMeeting toolbox, including recordings, whiteboard, screen and document sharing.